Maitake Mushroom Steaks

an image of vegan mushroom steak steak

This is a quick 15-minute recipe for Maitake Mushroom Steaks. They’re pan-fried Maitake mushrooms coated in a Japanese-style sauce with soy sauce and vegan butter! The sauce is packed full of flavor and umami, perfectly complimenting the savory Maitake mushrooms. [日本語のレシピはここをクリック] Ingredients You Need Here’s a list of the ingredients you will need to make […]

Kabocha Squash Risotto

an image of kabocha risotto

This creamy, comforting Kabocha Squash Risotto is the perfect dish to make for Fall and Winter! You only need 30 minutes and 10 ingredients to make it! [日本語のレシピはここをクリック] Kabocha Squash Risotto Kabocha risotto is one of my favorite dishes to make in the fall and winter. The in-season kabocha, or Japanese winter squash, is so […]

Vegan Sausages

an image of vegan sausages

These homemade Vegan Sausages are incredibly flavorful and quite meaty in texture! No need to buy expensive and (sometimes) hard-to-find commercial vegan sausages. Here’s my easy-to-follow recipe for delicious homemade sausage links! [日本語のレシピはここをクリック] Homemade Vegan Sausages What I love about these vegan sausages are that A) they are quite easy to make, with a prep […]

Vegan Elote

an image of vegan elote

Here’s a quick and easy recipe for Vegan Elote (Mexican Street Corn). Elote is grilled corn slathered in a delicious mayo sauce. It’s also seasoned with spicy, cheesy, tangy toppings. It’s so flavorful and yummy! [日本語のレシピはここをクリック] Vegan Elote Vegan Elote is such a vibrant and tasty way to enjoy corn on the the cob! Spicy […]

White Bean Hummus

an image of white bean hummus

This is the creamiest, fluffiest White Bean Hummus EVER! A lemon, garlic and thyme hummus that tastes incredible, and is so easy to make. Once you try this recipe, you will never go back to store bought hummus. [日本語のレシピはここをクリック] White Bean Hummus I made the most delicious white bean hummus, using a hack I recently […]

Vegan Lettuce Wraps

an image of vegan lettuce wraps

These Vegan Lettuce Wraps are super crispy, crunchy and packed full of flavor. Plus, they are incredibly easy and quick to make (ready in 25 minutes or less)! [日本語のレシピはここをクリック] Vegan Lettuce Wraps Savory meat crumble wrapped in cool crisp lettuce. Vegan Lettuce Wrap is a dish so satisfying, fresh and healthy! You can enjoy these […]

Spicy Garlic Edamame

an image of spicy garlic edamame

These Spicy Garlic Edamame are packed full of flavor and oh so addicting! Make sure to make a BIG batch because once you start, you won’t be able to stop eating them. Here is a very easy, 10-minute recipe for spicy garlicky Edamame. [日本語のレシピはここをクリック] Spicy Garlic Edamame If you like Edamame, you will LOVE Spicy […]

Mango Salsa

an image of mango salsa

Fresh Mango Salsa, it’s the perfect summer sauce! It’s so deliciously juicy and refreshing, with sweet, spicy and zesty flavors. All you need are 8 simple ingredients and 15 minutes to make it. [日本語のレシピはここをクリック] Mango Salsa This is one of my favorite sauces/dips to make. The mangos add the perfect amount of sweetness to the […]

Vegan Snack Boards

an image of a vegan snack board

Vegan Snack Boards are one of the easiest, most fun things to prepare! Let me show you how I make my vegan boards with 4 simple elements. [日本語はここをクリック] Vegan Snack Boards These vegan snack boards are not just for parties, they’re actually perfect for a lazy weekend or a night in! Who wouldn’t love to […]

Vegan Pâté

an image of vegan pâté over baguette

Easy Vegan Pâté with mushrooms, shallots and vegan ricotta cheese. Try this delicious spread on your favorite crackers, toast, or for sandwich fillings. [日本語のレシピはここをクリック] Vegan Mushroom Pâté Vegan Pâté is quite simple to make. It’s basically sautéed mushrooms and shallots mixed with vegan ricotta cheese. Spread it over crackers or toasted bread, and you’ll have […]