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Hey, I’m Lily!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. Veganese Tokyo is my food blog where I share all of my vegan recipes with you. I started this blog with the hopes of inspiring more people to leave animals off their plates. 

Back when I went vegan in 2015, vegan food options were quite limited. Anytime we went out to eat, french fries and a side salad (no dressing!) was my typical meal. Knowing I wouldn’t last very long like that, I began exploring all the possibilities of vegan cooking. I quickly realized there is nothing we cannot veganize! 

We can still enjoy all of our favorite dishes and comfort foods without causing unnecessary harm to other beings, or ourselves. Let me show you how easy and accessible vegan cooking can be. Hopefully, you will find a recipe (or two) that will satisfy your cravings. Happy exploring!!


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