Vegan Pizza Rolls

an image of vegan pizza rolls

If you love how cinnamon rolls look, and how Margherita pizzas taste, then you’re going to love these Vegan Pizza Rolls. It’s delicious Margherita pizza rolled up into ringlets of gooey cheesy sauce and soft fluffy bread. Vegan Pizza Rolls 日本語のレシピは ここをクリック Ingredients for Vegan Pizza Rolls Here is a list of the ingredients you’ll […]

Vegan Apple Cinnamon Rolls

an image of vegan apple cinnamon rolls

[日本語のレシピはここをクリック] Vegan Apple Cinnamon Rolls These vegan apple cinnamon rolls are the perfect Fall pastry treat! The soft and fluffy rolls are filled with cinnamon brown sugar, caramelized apples and pecans. Drizzled on top is a maple glaze icing. Try these deliciously satisfying apple cinnamon rolls for your next weekend or holiday breakfast. They are […]

Vegan Dinner Rolls

an image of vegan dinner rolls

These vegan dinner rolls are one of my favorite breads to bake. They’re incredibly soft and buttery, fluffy and moist! AND, they’re very easy to make. No advanced baking skills necessary. With just 8 basic pantry ingredients and 5 simple steps, you too can enjoy the yummiest homemade rolls! 日本語のレシピはここをクリック Please note, this post may […]

Vegan Cinnamon Rolls

an image of vegan cinnamon rolls

One of my favorite breakfast pastries! These vegan cinnamon rolls are soft, gooey and ooey, but best of all, really easy to make. [日本語のレシピはここをクリック] Vegan Cinnamon Rolls What’s not to love about cinnamon rolls? Soft fluffy rolls filled with cinnamon sugar and drizzled in sweet vanilla icing. These rolls are sure to make your weekend […]

Vegan Burger Buns

an image of vegan burger

An easy-to-follow recipe for homemade vegan burger buns. These buns are so soft and fluffy! And, they keep well in the freezer, so make a big batch. Always have these yummy buns on hand for your burger cravings. [日本語のレシピはここをクリック] Vegan Burger Buns These delicious vegan burger buns are fairly easy to make. I guess the […]

Savory Vegan French Toast

an image of savory vegan french toast with parmesan cheese

This savory vegan French toast is flavored with cheese and rosemary. It’s golden crisp on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. If you enjoy French toasts, this savory version is a must-try! [日本語のレシピはここをクリック] Savory French Toast This savory vegan French toast is my new favorite breakfast food! If you know anything about me, […]

Vegan English Muffins

an image of vegan English muffins with strawberry jam

Homemade vegan English muffins with all the nooks and crannies, dips and peaks! The best part is you don’t even need an oven to make them. Just a pan or a griddle, 8 simple ingredients, and you can enjoy these delicious vegan muffins. [日本語のレシピはここをクリック] Vegan English Muffins Vegan English muffins are one of the easiest […]

Vegan French Toast

vegan french toast with blueberries and raspberries

For this super easy french toast recipe, you only need 7 ingredients! It’s crispy golden-brown on the outside, sweet and fluffy on the inside. Simply perfect for your weekend breakfast. [日本語のレシピはここをクリック] Vegan French Toast There’s just something so special about french toast. Technically, it’s just bread dunked in batter and fried in a pan, right? […]