Vegan Matcha Ice Cream

an image of vegan matcha ice cream

This is a super easy Vegan Matcha Ice Cream recipe! It combines the amazing flavors of matcha, coconut cream, and pistachios. All you need are 4 simple ingredients and a blender or a food processor. No churning, no ice cream machine needed! [日本語のレシピはここをクリック] Vegan Matcha Ice Cream To make this matcha ice cream, all you […]

White Bean Hummus

an image of white bean hummus

This is the creamiest, fluffiest White Bean Hummus EVER! A lemon, garlic and thyme hummus that tastes incredible, and is so easy to make. Once you try this recipe, you will never go back to store bought hummus. [日本語のレシピはここをクリック] White Bean Hummus I made the most delicious white bean hummus, using a hack I recently […]

Asian Cucumber Salad

an image of cucumber salad

A cool and refreshing Cucumber Salad with Asian flavors. It’s tangy, spicy and slightly sweet, with a lot of crunch. This is a vibrant summer salad that takes less than 10 minutes to make! [日本語のレシピはここをクリック] ASIAN CUCUMBER SALAD This vegan cucumber salad is the perfect side dish – it’s healthy, vibrant and incredibly easy to […]

Vegan BLT with Tempeh Bacon

an image of vegan BLT with tempeh bacon

This is a quick recipe for Tempeh Bacon. Give this smoky, savory, sweet and slightly spicy vegan bacon a try! The recipe only takes 20 minutes to make. [日本語のレシピはここをクリック] Tempeh Bacon Tempeh is the perfect ingredient to make vegan bacon. A fermented soy product originally from Indonesia, tempeh has a meaty texture and a slightly […]

Beetroot Hummus

an image of beetroot hummus

This is a deliciously sweet and earthy beetroot hummus recipe that you can make in 10 minutes! [日本語のレシピはここをクリック] Beetroot Hummus This beetroot hummus is the perfect combination of sweet, tangy, and earthy deliciousness. It’s also BEAUTIFUL to look at, and it can be made in less than 10 minutes! I use pickled beets, so there’s […]